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Why do plastic cannot leave the compatilizer? What compatilizer

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Why do plastic cannot leave the compatilizer? What compatilizer

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Compatilizer, also known as compatibilizers, refers to the help of the intermolecular bonding force, prompting two incompatible polymer in a body, and then get the stable blend fertilizer. Widely used in plastic alloy, polymer modified, recycling of waste plastics, packing and plastic coupling, polarity of the resin, toughening, improves the performance of the plastic.

1. Why do you want to join the compatilizer?

Popular speaking is like two people who have no coherent, such as A and C, how can together? Carrier, which may require A "connection" B, but A good relationship with A, B and C have good relations. So by B, A and C can meet and become good friends. Therefore, compatilizer also like a bridge, connecting two unrelated "islands".

Back to the field of polymer, in short, it is in manufacturing ?

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