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What is the purpose of the masterbatch masterbatch and advantages

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What is the purpose of the masterbatch masterbatch and advantages

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Masterbatch and color, is a kind of take constants of pigment or dye evenly attached to made by resin of aggregates.

A, the benefits of using masterbatch

1. To maintain the stability of the pigment chemical stability and color;

2. Make the pigment in the plastics has better dispersion;

3. Protect the health of the operator;

4. The process is simple, easy turn color;

5. The environment clean, no contamination vessels;

6. Save time and materials due to the pigments in the process of storage and use of direct contact with air, so will happen the phenomenon such as absorption of moisture, oxidation, cluster, directly use will appear in the plastic products surface color and dark color, the color fade easily change, and cause the dust flying in mixed Yang, affect the health of the operator. The masterbatch in the process of production machinery

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