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The basic knowledge of plastic coloring

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The basic knowledge of plastic coloring

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1, color wavelength can be used to describe, usually using nanometer unit. The balance of a white light source, contains the spectrum or the full range of radiation, the human eye can see, is only a wavelength of about 380 ~ 780 in the spectral range is very narrow. Color is the brain of projected onto the retina to identify different nature of the light, the result of the different wavelengths of light have different color, the visible wavelength from long to short followed by red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, seven color.

2, the three elements of color hue, lightness, saturation is the three properties of color, known as the three elements of colour.

(1) is tonal, also known as hue, is the main feature of color, is the main difference between color and color. The term we use color in the color world will yan ?

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